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Good Monday to you all!

The ever amazing Brett Kelley joined us this week for our most intense episode to date; The Super Duper Opinionated “Ragefeld” Episode…..*cue the scary music*

In other words, we talked about Rob Liefeld….a lot…pretty much for the whole episode.  But don’t worry; we didn’t skip the weekly question. This week we drew some inspiration from our friends over at The Geek League of America and discussed who we thought the most overrated characters in comics/movies are. 

Big thanks to everyone over at the Geek League for helping us out with our question this week. Check them out at www.geekleagueofamerica.com and on Facebook!

Also big thanks to Brett for joining us yet again! If there were ever an award for “Most Reliable Co-Host” Brett would win it easily!

Oh, and we’re on Twitter now! Just click the link on our site or follow us @OMVpodcast! We follow everyone who follows us so get on it!

Until next week,

                Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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