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Our guests this week are no strangers to the OMV universe and despite having multiple cumulative appearances under their belts, they've never come on the show at the same time.

Until now.

That's right. We're trying the whole "4 people in 4 separate locations desperately trying to not talk over each other" and this time we're joined by artists Daniel Govar and Tony Moy! Now, it would be fun to just hang and chat with them about what they've been up to over the last few years, but there is a reason as to why they've both come on the show this week:  they've started their own YouTube channel!

Known as "The Paint Bros", Daniel and Tony have started uploading and live streaming videos of their art as well as tutorials and live conversations with chat. Whether you're looking for quick, time-lapse videos or long form, in-depth discussion, Daniel and Tony have you covered all while creating amazing watercolor pieces. Check out their channel, annihilate that subscribe button, and follow the guys on their respective socials for more art, announcements, and convention travels.

We've had a blast talking with Daniel and Tony over the years and they've always been super kind to us and the show. Here's hoping we get to see them in person again sooner rather than later.



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We got to talk about Tarzan for the better part of an hour with two guys who are about to Kickstart a Tarzan book next month. It was a pretty great Thursday, I'm not going to lie.

Our old friend D.W. Kann is back with us and this time he brought one of his writing partners, Ryan Matta, to talk about the first volume up their upcoming comic Tarzan The Untamed. Rather than re-telling your typical origin story, D.W. and Ryan are adapting a different time in Tarzan's life:

"Book one finds Tarzan and Jane living peacefully in East Africa in 1917 on their secluded Greystoke estate. When their quiet life is suddenly threatened by the encroaching battles of World War I and the machinations of a band of mercenaries, led by the rouge German army officer, Sergeant Schneider, a single minded hunter, determined to find Tarzan. Tarzan must unleash his Savage nature to protect his Ape family, his fellow Englishmen and his true love Jane."

For people like me who didn't realize how much their life was lacking in Tarzan content, this is pretty much a no-brainer. As of now, the Kickstarter campaign for the first volume (of three) is set to launch around October 5th with the other two coming later on. If you're looking for more info, check out the Darkside Media KS page where you'll find all the deets on projects past and present.



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