Opinions May Vary

I'm not sure what else to write here as the title of this episode contains everything you need to know.

I guess I can elaborate a bit, though.

This week it's just Alex and me and to top off this year's spooky-sodes we're talking about fear. The things that scare us. The things that make us uncomfortable, that make us squirm, that we've been avoiding for years whether we were aware of it or not. The real good stuff. Good, old-fashioned fear.

We also talked about The Muppets.

Kinda hard to go wrong with The Muppets especially when they're in The Haunted Mansion.



Credit to https://www.FesliyanStudios.com for the background music.

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Ok so it took us a little longer than normal to get to our usual spooky-filled episodes but we promise it was worth the wait because this episode is jam-packed with so many rad things.

This week, we had the absolute pleasure of talking with not one, but TWO contributors of the insanely popular "No Sleep Podcast"! For those unaware, "The No Sleep Podcast" is an award-winning anthology series of original horror stories. They've been making content and releasing episodes since 2011 and are set to begin their 17th season soon!

First up, we were joined by composer Brandon Boone. Brandon has been scoring the show for the past 8 years and has created over 5,000 individual pieces of music in that time with no signs of slowing down. He's a self-taught musician with an immense talent for creating spooky and haunting tunes that perfectly compliment the show. When he's not creating music for NoSleep, he's hard at work writing and producing his own albums, or creating soundtracks for videogames like "Scarlet Hollow".  Check out his website for tons more!

Following our chat with Brandon, we were then joined by voice actor Nichole Goodnight who gave us all the inside info on how she got her start with NoSleep as well as some tips and tricks of the voice acting trade. An avid gamer and Twitch streamer, Nichole is also regularly involved in the bi-annual "Games Done Quick" events acting as both host and speedrunner! You can find her Twitch channel HERE or subscribe to NoSleep for even more of her work!

We can't thank Brandon and Nichole enough for coming on and getting spooky with us. The NoSleep team really seem to have put a great group of people together and if there's anything we're taking away from recording this episode it's this: Shoot your shot. Do the thing. Submit the audition. You never know what might happen!



Audio tracks provided by Brandon Boone.

"Vibrate with Adrenaline" and "Don't Answer The Door" found on his latest album "Night Fall", available now!

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