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"The StarWell Foundation" is an audio drama set in a city of Super Heroes. Through the Foundation children make requests to meet famous athletes, movie stars, or even their favorite heroes... But the kids have started to request something new:  they want to meet their favorite villains and up to the newly promoted Meredith Dare to make their dreams come true.

This is the combined episodes 1&2 of the pilot season.

This episode features the voice acting talents of:
Kae Giroux
Bob Savage
Brett Kelley
Sarah Gherri
Mike Davis
Joe Van Allen
Steph MacGillivary
Colin Vigneault
Michelle Arslan
Babs Daniels
Kristen Blakely Chesler
Colin Allen
Ed Gogolski
Milta Vargas
Alex Squiers

Featuring music clips by Kevin Mason.

Additional sound effect and other music from:
BBC Sound Effects   http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk
Incompetech.com -- "carefree" Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


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Hi everyone, It's time I checked in to make a few announcements and say sorry that I've been busy since March... But
As of this update I'm combining the 2 episodes of the pilot season of The StarWell Foundation into one and will be re-uploading it for anyone who missed it the first time around and as a fresh start because
Next month, January of 2023 I plan on launching a kickstarter for Season 1 of The StarWell Foundation.
I'm very excited for that, I hope you stick around and I mention some other podcasts here for listening in the meantime.
Thanks again!


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This episode was a ton of fun to record for a couple reasons. The main one being we got to chat with a local artist who specializes in illustrating watercolor fantasy, dabbles in archery, and is a champion of expressing yourself and living your best life. She's also a friend and former co-worker of one of our best pals in the whole, wide world (unbeknownst to us, we had no idea until after we had reached out to her).

Her name is Amanda Putnam and when she isn't educating today's youth in the ways of the arts at her day job, she's bringing incredible fantasy illustrations to life. With a degree in Children's Book Illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Amanda has put together a mindblowing portfolio of work including some of the tightest, most detailed watercolor pieces I've ever seen.

Take a look at her Instagram and you'll see what I'm talking about. I straight up didn't believe those were watercolor the first time I saw them.

Anyway, check out our chat with Amanda. We talk about her art, her job as a teacher, and the importance of being your best self both in the world of art and in every day life.



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Any collector will tell you that proper comic book storage is right up there with eating and drinking on the priority list. It's pretty simple: If you want to keep your stuff in order and in good condition you're going to need comic boxes. Most of the time these boxes are white cardboard and while they're essential they're also plain and boring.

But what if...they weren't that.

Did you catch that? It was the perfect segue.

Because our guest Chris has a company called Boxes in Action that specialize in taking the ordinary comic box and turning it into a work of art. Click that link and you'll see what I mean. Want more? Click the play button and check our chat with Chris to learn all about it. 


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Longtime listeners of the show might recall the last time Tom was our guest. After meeting him at the 2014 Boston Comic Con it was evident from the get-go that Tom was a great dude with some brilliant ideas for putting on shows at conventions. See, for me it can be standard practice to write off panels at certain conventions especially when they're just "Q+A with Celebrity A" and "Q+A with Celebrity B". The fact of the matter is 99% of the time I just don't care about that kind of stuff.


Sometimes at shows you get the good stuff. The fresh and original stuff doesn't make you regret losing hours of valuable show floor browsing time. The kind of show that makes you declare "I need to see that!" after reading about it in the program. If you haven't guessed it by now I'm talking about Tom's shows: Comics & Comics and Sketch Fighter. Join us this week to learn all about Tom and his brand of comic themed comedy shows and be sure to check them out at a convention near you. (Like Boston Comic Con. Next week. Do it.)

Oh, and while I'm at it. Did I mention Boston Comic Con is next weekend? For those wondering: The answer is Yes. We're totally tabling again this year. This will be our third year in a row rocking a table with the incredible Brett Kelley and with each passing day our excitement grows tenfold (maybe even twelvefold). If you're in the area, specifically the World Seaport Trade Center in Boston next weekend, stop by table D414 and say Hi! We'll have pins for sale and Brett will be doing his arts in exchange for various amounts of moneys. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say "It's gonna be somewhat of a good time." Don't miss out!


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Hey everyone!

Exciting news! The amazing Brett Kelley from BK Endeavors came all the way from Cape Cod to join us this week.

In light of Wrestlemania happening as I type this we took some time to discuss our favorite wrestlers of wrestling past.

Next, we touch on the highly anticipated Avengers vs. X-Men crossover coming up later this week..warning: Some opinions may vary....(awful..)

Also, we discuss our favorite childhood cartoons as well as any guilty pleasures we've never told anyone about until tonight...

Finally we end it with some good 'ol videogame discussion. You don't want to miss it!

Thanks again to Brett Kelley for joining us and being our very first guest. Hopefully he'll be back many times in the future!


        Jayare, Justin, Alex, & Brett.

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