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We've talked about tattoos from time to time over the last 430+ episodes. In fact, the topic of tattoos can be found as early as episode 16 as part of that week's "The Big Question". For those trying to do the math, that was back in July of 2012 and as you probably could have guessed; Brett Kelley was the guest that week. Because of course he was.

But this week is different.

This week, for the first time ever (we're pretty sure), we had the chance to talk with not just a fan of tattoos but an actual tattoo artist. That artist is Lora Bird. Lora, aka Honestbird, is the owner of the new studio "The Nest Art Collective" out in Colorado and they're set to have their grand opening today, July 31st!  With a focus on trauma informed, inclusive tattooing, Lora and her team have created a safe and clean space for bodies of all shapes and sizes to get their dream piece. 

If you're looking for more info, be sure to check out their Instagram page for updates, finished pieces, and bios on all the different artists and creators working at the studio. With a lot of our audience being in the New England area, we know a shop out in Colorado is a bit of a hike but when you hear Lora talk about the studio with such passion and excitement, you'll understand why we're so pumped for you to check this episode out.

Plus you can hear me absolutely butcher the word "esthetician". It's pretty bad. I added like 4 extra syllables.



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This week I learned "squib jackets" are a thing.

Like, I always knew about jackets. And with Alex doing SFX makeup I'm aware of what squibs are. But combining the two was never a concept I had thought of until this week's guest, Paul Drechsler-Martell, casually mentioned wearing one on the set of Daredevil a few years back.

You see, Paul is a stunt performer. He does the dangerous things you might see in a movie or television show that other people either physically or legally can't do. For example, in Daredevil he had to get shot by pretend bullets a bunch of times while literally everything else in the room exploded around him; hence the need for the aforementioned squib jacket. 

We've known Paul for years dating back to our time at the local theme park where we tried to entertain people while not sweating to death. But since then, Paul has been a busy man doing stunts for programs like Gotham, The Blacklist, Mr. Robot and tons more. A quick glance over at his IMDB page will show you the rest but I think you get the idea: he's good at what he does.

So. With all that said, check out our chat with Paul as we dive into his world of stunt performing, his love of martial arts, and what it's been like for someone who works in the film industry over the last 16-ish months of hell.



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If I'm reading our own website correctly, it has been over two years since the last full appearance of our dear, dear friend Brett Kelley. That fact will shock any longtime listener as Brett holds many records within the OMV universe and there was a time when he was making appearances on a weekly basis.

Luckily, recording a podcast with Brett is just like riding the proverbial bike and despite the long hiatus we still managed to stay (mostly) on track and lay down a pretty sweet episode for you all. Especially if you like D&D and getting mad about D&D. And art. We also talked about art and artists and artists on Twitter.

Because art.

If you're new here, this may be your first time experiencing Brett on the show but we can say with confidence that it certainly won't be the last time you'll see him drop by. If you're looking for more of him and his work, check out the socials or just type "Brett" into the search bar on our site and see the literal dozens of episodes he's been featured on.



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