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We're almost at the end of the kickstarter campaign for The StarWell Foundation audio drama Season 1 so here's a bit of an update.
We made the initial funding AND the first stretch goal of an additional special episode!
There is still time to share and promote and possibly get the 2nd stretch goal so backers can see a map of Brava City!

I connected with some other podcasts to promote the campaign, talk villains, podcasting, audio drama making and more!

Mt Rushmore podcast with Alex talking about reformed Villains!

Go Fund This interview with Alex about the StarWell Foundation

When episodes are released I'll also be posting links for 
Two Dimension Podcast & Excelsior Journeys Podcast


And since we're so close to the end of the kickstarter campaign it's time to start casting the new characters and roles for the new season!

Google drive for Audition Info and Lines!

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The StarWell Foundation Season 1 Kickstarter!

The campaign goes live on Tuesday February 7th!  I'll be trying to raise $1,500 to produce a 6 episode season following the events of StarWell itself, it's brand new facilitator Mary Dare, her first Villain that agreed to visit children at a hospital Malvarmo along with new heroes, villains, places, challenges, threats and obstacles to overcome. 
Please consider backing so I can make this story a reality. 
If you can't help by backing you can always still help by sharing! Share the campaign page, share the pilot episodes, tell people about it, because once produced all the episodes will air right here as all our past episodes have. 

Thank you everyone for the positivity and encouragement to press on with this endeavor and especially thanks to my wife Danielle who has been supporting me through so many silly and intense ideas for this season to get made. 

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