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I love that I don't have to use photobucket for this anymore.

Our 2018 convention gauntlet has come to an end and through all the ups and downs I'd have to say we had a pretty great year of cons. While we may have missed out on one or two of our usual shows, we did get a chance to check out some new ones in their place. In the past it was almost always NYCC that put the metaphorical bow on our convention schedule but the last two years has seen the new PAX Unplugged show take over that responsibility and I think it's doing a spectacular job so far.

Last year's inaugural Unplugged recap was packed with stories of my wife and me making our way to an unknown city with the intent of attending as many panels and seeing as many games as possible only to become mildly obsessed with the Omegathon and the local Reading Terminal Market. Long story short: It was different and amazing.

This year my wife bestowed the honor of "dealing with Jr at a convention" over to our great pal Colin as we made our way back down to the city where they greased up the light poles that one time. Much fun was had. Many games were played (about 100% more than last year). And our hearts were broken as an unsung hero went down in flames before he had a chance to shine.

Listen to the recap. It might make sense to you later.

Oh, and I took some pictures while we were there. Check out the photo album HERE.



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