Opinions May Vary

Alex is smart. Because unlike myself he knows how to take advantage of being on vacation. At least this week he did because he took a neat trip to states other than Connecticut to visit some friends and, more importantly, comic shops. He also snagged a shiny new membership to CGC (separate events) so now we can get back to sending books in and pray they come back in acceptable grades. I say "we" because I'm absolutely going to piggy back off his hard-spent money and use him for his membership.

He probably doesn't mind.

We are talking about both of these things this week in a "Justice" episode for the ages. (I don't know if it's ever been explained in writing but when we say we're doing a "Justice" episode it's because there's no guest. It's "just us". We are way too proud of that. )

Anyway, tune in this week to hear tales of Alex's venture into unknown lands and predictions on his first batch of books set to go out to be slabbed eternal.



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