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This week we were finally able to get both Colin and Zach in the studio for one of the most anticipated episodes to date.

Show topics include:

-Victoria's Secret and their contributions to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

-The Big Bang (Theory) Debate!

-George Lucas selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney.

-The Weekly Question!

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Hello again!

Tune in to Episode 32 of OMV featuring special guest Joe!

We’re back to our normal format after our post-convention episode. Topics for episode 32 include:

-Borderlands 2/Videogame talk.

-Our thoughts on the Iron Man 3 trailer.

-Recap and opinions of the first two episodes of season three of The Walking Dead.

-The weekly question.

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Hey everyone,

We were finally able to rise from our New York Comic Con slumber and get Episode 31 in the books!

As you can probably guess; we spent the entire episode discussing the convention. Really not much else to say about the episode besides the fact that former OMV host Justin and frequent guest host Brett both joined us this week!!!  It’s been a whopping 22 episodes since Justin has been on and it was like he never left. Huge thanks to both of them!

Be sure to tune in next week as we’ll be back to talking about our usual nerd related topics. There is so much to talk about you won’t want to miss it!

Until then,

                Jayare, Alex, Justin, & Brett.

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Episode 30 is in the books!

Huge thanks to Vicky for stopping in and getting her nerd on. Alex and I can sometimes run away with topics on huge nerd rants but she kept up with ease!

Show topics include:

-New Kickstarter news!

-Our own opinions on the newly announced Peanuts movie.

-New York Comic Con and cosplay.

-The weekly question: If you could get anything signed by anyone what would you choose??

We’re going to be at the New York Comic Con this weekend so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some new videos on our YouTube page from the show! Check us out at OMVPodcast on youtube.com.

See ya’ll next week!

                Jayare, Alex, & Vicky.

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Hello again!

Colin is back for episode 29 of Opinions May Vary. Topics for this week’s episode include:

-Todd McFarlane and his lawsuit with Al Simmons (Yes, you read that correctly)

-Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith’s recent kickstarter success.

-Marvel NOW!

-The weekly question: What is your favorite fight scene in comic history?

Big thanks to Colin for making his 4th appearance and also handling introduction duties for the first time!

Until next week!

                Jayare, Alex, & Colin.

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Happy Wednesday!

The ever reliable and ever attractive Brett Kelley joined us via Skype this week for episode 28!

Show topics include:

-The Jon and his departure from Steam Powered Giraffe

-Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman settling their lawsuits over The Walking Dead

-Stan Lee and his mysterious cancellation of shows and what it could possibly mean for the future

-The weekly question: When has someone introduced us to something new that completely hooked us from the start?

Thanks to Brett for joining us yet again and also don’t forget to check us out on the interwebs!

Facebook: facebook.com/opinionsmayvary

Twitter: @OMVPodcast

YouTube: OMVPodcast

Catch ya’ll next week!

                Jayare, Alex, & Brett.

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What a fine evening for episode 27!

Colin Vigneault was our special guest for the third time this week and discussed topics with us including:

-Amanda Palmer, her Kickstarter success, and subsequent internet overreaction.

-The weekly question: When have we overreacted to something and were we justified in doing so?

-The recent “virus” spreading through The World of Warcraft close to the anniversary of a similar event that happened 7 years ago.

-Avengers vs. X-Men Round 11 and Colin’s reaction toward the upcoming climax of the series.

Be sure to tune in next week for episode 28! New York Comic Con is right around the corner and we’ll have much to discuss in the upcoming weeks!

Until then follow us on our various social media outlets!

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                Jayare, Alex, & Colin.

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Good evening!

Will is back for our special “We’ve been doing this for 6 months now!” episode!

Episode topics include:

-Greg Capullo getting really mad at Bleeding cool.

-Horror movies. Lots of horror movie talk. (Will is kind of a genius when it comes to this subject)

-The weekly question: If you had to live in any type of horror genre what would you choose??

As usual, follow us on the interwebs!

Facebook: facebook.com/opinionsmayvary

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See ya’ll next week!

                Jayare, Alex, & Will

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Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Brett Kelley was nice enough to take some time out of his day and join us via Skype for Episode 25!

This week’s topic include:

-S.H.I.E.L.D. becoming a television show! Marvel fans rejoice!

-Upcoming/current conventions (PAX Prime, Dragoncon, etc)

-The weekly question: What feature would we like to see at a convention?

-Videogames: New, upcoming, and Madden!

While you’re enjoying episode 25 be sure to like us on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary, Follow us on Twitter @OMVPodcast and check us out on YouTube!


Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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Hello guys and gals!

Episode 24 with special guest Chris is in the books!

This week we discussed the latest news in the land of Rob Liefeld…The man never ceases to amaze us but I guess we should thank him seeing as he consistently gives us things to talk about!

Also we touch on the uproar the cover of Justice League #12 has caused. Is it a fling?? Is it legit?? Is it even worth the uproar it has caused????

Lastly we take a page from our friend Ryan out in Washington who gave us the idea of discussing video games that have been made into movies and we use the weekly question to pick our favorites!

Props to Chris for coming out and joining us this week! He’s definitely welcome back anytime!

Until next time,

                Jayare, Alex, & Chris

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