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The last week has been one of seclusion and happiness as I was wayyy up in Northern Vermont staying in a cabin on one of my favorite lakes. It was....very needed. My wife and I pulled into our driveway just a few hours ago and the post-vacation blues are hitting me real hard.


We have a rad episode for you this week as Brett Kelley is in the studio for one of those rare back-to-back episode jams. We're taking a dive into the land of YouTube and what currently has our attention on that god forsaken yet sometimes beautiful website. Check it out and drop us some recommendations of your own in the comments below!



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Up until last week I had never been to Brooklyn, I had never been to a designer toy convention, and I had never seen 9 inch resin figures valued in quadruple digits. I had never seen live graffiti competitions, overweight versions of my favorite childhood cereal mascots, nor had I ever eaten a slice of pizza named after Hellboy.

But after attending the 2019 Five Points Festival...I can now say I've done all of those things. And more. So much more.

It had been far too long since we last covered a show with our very best friend Brett Kelley. So the three of us (along with ace photographer Babs Who Takes Pictures) traveled down to Five Points and scoped out the latest in designer toys, craft beers, kaiju figures, and enamel pins. Oh lord the pins. So many pins.

Check out this week's episode with Brett in the guest seat as we recap our experiences and expenditures at what could easily be considered one of the most unique and potentially expensive shows we've ever covered.

Photos can be found HERE.



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