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Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Brett Kelley was nice enough to take some time out of his day and join us via Skype for Episode 25!

This week’s topic include:

-S.H.I.E.L.D. becoming a television show! Marvel fans rejoice!

-Upcoming/current conventions (PAX Prime, Dragoncon, etc)

-The weekly question: What feature would we like to see at a convention?

-Videogames: New, upcoming, and Madden!

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Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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Hello guys and gals!

Episode 24 with special guest Chris is in the books!

This week we discussed the latest news in the land of Rob Liefeld…The man never ceases to amaze us but I guess we should thank him seeing as he consistently gives us things to talk about!

Also we touch on the uproar the cover of Justice League #12 has caused. Is it a fling?? Is it legit?? Is it even worth the uproar it has caused????

Lastly we take a page from our friend Ryan out in Washington who gave us the idea of discussing video games that have been made into movies and we use the weekly question to pick our favorites!

Props to Chris for coming out and joining us this week! He’s definitely welcome back anytime!

Until next time,

                Jayare, Alex, & Chris

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Hello again!

Episode 23 is in the books and comes with the Colin Vigneault stamp of approval!

Colin joined us this week to discuss the New 52: One Year Later, The Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Beta, Daredevil and the recent news about the movie rights, and of course the weekly question!

We’re pumped to have Colin back this week. His excitement for recording rejuvenates us tired old men and he always keeps us on our toes with spur-of-the-moment questions and outside the box thinking. Big thanks to him for joining us again!

As usual, check us out on Twitter @OMVPodcast and on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary

Until next week!

                Jayare, Alex, & Colin

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Hello again!

The infamous Joe stopped by the studio again to join us for episode 22 of Opinions May Vary!

It seems every time Joe stops by we always end up talking about video games and today was no exception! Tonight we focused on video game production, our favorite childhood games and even spent some time reminiscing about when arcades actually existed back in the day. If you’re a gamer (and if you’re a fan of Valve) this is the perfect episode for you!

On a serious note, we are very sad to hear about the passing of comic legend Joe Kubert today. The man was an inspiration to many and the comic world has lost a true hero.  Opinions May Vary sends condolences to the Kubert family for their loss. RIP Mr. Kubert.

Thanks again to Joe for stopping by the studio and be sure to check us out on Twitter and YouTube @OMVPodcast! We’re a bit new to the sites but don’t worry…plenty of content will soon be crammed down your faces.

Until next time,

                Jayare, Alex, & Joe

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Good Monday to you all!

The ever amazing Brett Kelley joined us this week for our most intense episode to date; The Super Duper Opinionated “Ragefeld” Episode…..*cue the scary music*

In other words, we talked about Rob Liefeld….a lot…pretty much for the whole episode.  But don’t worry; we didn’t skip the weekly question. This week we drew some inspiration from our friends over at The Geek League of America and discussed who we thought the most overrated characters in comics/movies are. 

Big thanks to everyone over at the Geek League for helping us out with our question this week. Check them out at www.geekleagueofamerica.com and on Facebook!

Also big thanks to Brett for joining us yet again! If there were ever an award for “Most Reliable Co-Host” Brett would win it easily!

Oh, and we’re on Twitter now! Just click the link on our site or follow us @OMVpodcast! We follow everyone who follows us so get on it!

Until next week,

                Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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Hello Hello!

Episode #20 is in the books and ready to be injected into your ears!

Our special guests this week were local nerds Michelle and John. They took some time to give us their opinions on Kickstarter, the new Hobbit movies, and of course the weekly question!

This week’s question focused on what character you’d like to see spread across all mediums. For example: What if Ryan Reynolds was in your favorite television show….as Hal Jordan? Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in The Big Bang Theory? The possibilities are mind boggling!

Once again we’d like to thank John and Michelle for making their way out and spending some time with us. It is always good to see new faces and hear new opinions and they definitely didn’t disappoint us!

Until next week,

                Jayare, Alex, Michelle, & John

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There’s a storm coming….and its name is Episode 19!

Brett Kelley and Joe were both kind enough to join us this week for another episode of Opinions May Vary!

The discussion starts with some intense talk about MC Chris and the recent events that took place in Philadelphia and on the internet. Of course, we also took some time to talk about The Dark Knight Rises and our own various opinions of the movie (SPOILER ALERT!!) and finally we answered the weekly question about deaths in books/comics/movies etc.

Big thanks to Joe and Brett for helping us out yet again! You guys always make every episode fun and entertaining and we hope all the listeners agree!

Until next week,

                Jayare, Alex, Brett, & Joe.

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Hello fellow OMV’ers!

Somehow we were able to rise from our post MC Chris slumber and record an awesome episode 18! This week our good friend Colin was generous enough to join us despite being just as exhausted as we were.

For episode 18 we focused on recapping the Richie Branson/Powerglove/MC Chris show, the monumental 100th issue of Walking Dead, the new Amazing Spider-Man movie and of course the weekly question!

Huge thanks to Colin for joining us this week. We’d love to have him on again soon!

If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary and be sure to give us the 5 star rating in iTunes!

Until next week!

                Jayare, Alex, & Colin

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Hey hey!

Exciting news! Brett Kelley was able to join us again via Skype to help us announce the winner of our special 1,000th download giveaway! Last week we gave you all information on how to win a custom Brett Kelley sketch and after putting all the names in a hat we were able to draw our winner! We’re crazy excited to contact them and see what they want Brett to draw. Thanks to everyone who took part in our giveaway. Hopefully there will be many more to come!

Aside from giving away amazing Brett art we also took some time this week to talk about the San Diego Comic Con, Ron Perlman and his amazing contribution to Make A Wish, and of course; the weekly question!

Big thanks to Brett for joining us again and also for volunteering to help us out with our contest! This show just wouldn’t be the same without that Kelley charm!

Until next week,

                Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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Hey everyone!

Brett Kelley is back for episode 16 to join us for some intense nerd discussion on the upcoming MC Chris/Powerglove show, the original art depicting the recent gay marriage from Marvel selling on eBay, and the big question regarding nerd themed tattoos.

We also have some very exciting news regarding the 1,000th download giveaway! If you want to be the proud owner of your own original Brett Kelley sketch, be sure to listen carefully once we wrap up our discussion about tattoos! You only have until next Sunday July 8th, 2012 so be sure to download and listen to this episode asap so you can learn how to enter the contest!

Good Luck!

                Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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