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Hello again!

Master balloon artist and entertainer extraordinaire Rob Balchunas took some time out of his insane schedule to record episode 43 with us!

Show topics include:

-Rob's profession and how he came to be "Rob the Balloon Guy"

-A frustrated parent's attempt at getting his videogame addicted son out of the house.

-Is Glados going to be in Pacific Rim??

-The weekly question!

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Happy New Year everyone!

Justin is in studio this week for our New Year's special.

Show topics include:

-Our 2013 Geek resolutions.

-What we're most excited for in the New Year.

-The best and worst moments of the 2012 Geek Year.

We hope everyone had a fantastic New Year and we can't wait to see what 2013 brings us!

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Happy Holidays!

Ryan is back in studio with us this week for episode 41.

Show topics include:

-Gail Simone being put back on Batgirl

-Glen Mazzara leaving The Walking Dead

-Controversy surrounding Spider-Man #700

-The weekly question.

Hope you all enjoy and have a safe and amazing holiday/new year!

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Exciting news!

After a long hiatus Brett Kelley from BK Endeavors is back in the studio! You read that right, by the way. No Skype this time. He's actually here in person!

Show topics include:

-Neil Gaiman and his views on individualistic creativity.

-Francis Tsai refusing to abandon his passion despite his crippling disease.

-The Weekly Question.

HUGE thanks to Brett for taking the time out of his insanely busy schedule to join us!

Cya next week everyone!

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Hey guys and gals,

Will is back in the studio this week for episode 39!

Show topics include:

-Gail Simone being removed from Batgirl via e-mail.

-The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale.

-Tony Harris and his recent internet cosplay rant.

-The weekly question.

Hope you enjoy and see you next week!

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Local gamer/comic enthusiast Greg joined us for our 38th straight week of Opinions May Vary!

Show topics include:

-Thoughts on Before Watchmen after the hype.

-Weekly question.

-Videogames. Classics vs modern and why gaming is turning away from the casual gamer.

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Hello again!

Joe is back in the studio and this week he brought his Wii U! After a few hours of playing we sat down and put our thoughts into our microphones for you to enjoy.

We kept it relatively simple this week with the only other topic focusing on sex/violence in videogames and the reaction it causes.

Note: Some topics in this episode may not be suitable for our younger listeners.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the episode and we'll be back next week!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!

It's the return of Justin with our friend Jesse this week! Jesse is a hardcore gamer who also shares a love for comics like the rest of us. We're pumped to have him and Justin in the studio for some intense videogame chatter.

Show topics for this week's episode include:

-Hostess closing up shop.

-THQ being sued by Carlos Condit's tattoo artist.

-Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

-The Weekly question (Call of Duty related!)

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Hey everyone!

We're back this week with a new guest! Ryan is a fellow nerd who has a deep appreciation for all things geek. Needless to say, he fit in with us just fine.

This week's show topics include:

-Jayare's opinions on Halo 4.

-OMV's first field trip to the grand opening of A Hero's Legacy.

-Topless Robot and their recent staff shakeup.

-The sleeper hit comic book "Saga" and the weekly question.

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Hey folks,

We're back with Colin this week for episode 34. Show topics include:

-Cyclops and the Avengers vs. X-Men fallout.

-Arsenic Lullaby and their recent kickstarter promotion.

-The Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting rumors.

-The Weekly question.

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