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BREAKING NEWS: I read on supersecretmovieforums.com that Tom Hardy dropped out of Suicide Squad because he's been cast to play Eddie Brock in Avengers 3.

THIS JUST IN: As reported by holyshitcanyoubelievetheserumors.com it seems that despite already playing Captain America in three different movies, Chris Evans has been cast as Tony Stark's long lost brother Reginald Stark for the next Iron Man film due out in 2034.

DEVELOPING: omvpodcast.com is reporting that people tend to take these casting rumors and breaking news stories way too seriously and just need to sit back and enjoy a movie every once in a while without having to know every single detail about it beforehand.

Well that was fun. But seriously.

We are a spoiled generation and there is no denying it. With access to the entire world right at our fingertips we have become addicted to information. With this wealth of information comes heaps of misinformation and sometimes people can have some trouble telling the difference between the two. 

One of the sad results is the "hey I think I know everything about that movie coming up because I read about it on the internet" guy. We all know him. We all...deal with him. Mostly because he's been a part of the group for years we'd feel like real jerks for telling him to piss off despite the fact that it's almost as if he tries to ruin everyone's good time.

But I digress.

Colin is back this week and I have no idea what happened during the last 30 minutes of the episode.



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