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Day one of ConnectiCon 2018 has come and gone in what felt like a blur of vendors, cosplayers, and food trucks. I'm sure we'll have plenty to say about it soon but for now we need to prepare for day two. Despite only having a few hours to enjoy the show yesterday it was a great opportunity to get my bearings and get a feel for the venue. Now today is going to be all about checking out the vendors, spending the money, and playing the games.

Speaking of games: We have a nice treat for you and it's just about as hot-off-the-presses as pre-recorded media can be. Jake Given, co-founder and game designer of Lay Waste Games, is showing their latest creation in the tabletop demo area of ConnectiCon and we had the opportunity to chat with him once the doors closed for the day. Keen listeners may recall we've talked about Lay Waste's games at length in our previous two PAX East recaps with Dragoon being a show-stealer two years ago and Human Era catching our attention this past spring. You can check out their website HERE or if you're super quick you can get down to ConnectiCon either today or tomorrow and meet Jake and his new game in person!

Enjoy this week's episode and be on the lookout for our wrap-up in the near future. Until then, I have a lot of irresponsible financial decisions to make at ConnectiCon day 2!


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Seeing as our annual trip to ConnectiCon is but 5 days away we figured it would be a good time to hype up the show a bit. This is your classic "two birds, one stone" situation here because yeah, we're trying to hype it up for you, the humble listener. But we're also trying to hype it up for ourselves. Seeing as our favorite pals from Super Art Fight won't be in attendance this year; we're going to have to put on our big-boy pants and find other things to entertain us. Like games. Or food trucks. or a combination of the two.

We'll make due.

In addition to some ConnectiCon hype we thought it would be neat to play a little game of "Where are they now?" in regard to guests of OMV past. It's been quite some time since we've had the pleasure of chatting with a few of our guests so we did some internet searching to find out what they've been up to...and the results might shock you!

I hate myself for writing that.



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Alex is smart. Because unlike myself he knows how to take advantage of being on vacation. At least this week he did because he took a neat trip to states other than Connecticut to visit some friends and, more importantly, comic shops. He also snagged a shiny new membership to CGC (separate events) so now we can get back to sending books in and pray they come back in acceptable grades. I say "we" because I'm absolutely going to piggy back off his hard-spent money and use him for his membership.

He probably doesn't mind.

We are talking about both of these things this week in a "Justice" episode for the ages. (I don't know if it's ever been explained in writing but when we say we're doing a "Justice" episode it's because there's no guest. It's "just us". We are way too proud of that. )

Anyway, tune in this week to hear tales of Alex's venture into unknown lands and predictions on his first batch of books set to go out to be slabbed eternal.



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