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Ok. Yes. We're late. Just gonna call it out, own it, provide excuses and move on.

Remember last week how I was bragging about watching Toy Story and drinking tea after NYCC? Yeah, that came right around and got the best of me because it turns out the entire time I was watching Toy Story and drinking tea there was a sickness festering inside of my body only to reveal itself the following day and torture me throughout the rest of the week. Alex, being the merciful man he is (don't tell him I said that), let me take it easy for a few days to recover which sadly meant that last week's episode was delayed until....now.

But there is good news because we have a rad new episode for you featuring author David Kann and to sweeten the pot you're going to get another episode at the end of the week. How rad is that?

Anyway, let's not get ahead of ourselves. David Kann joined us this week. He's a veteran filmmaker, producer, and prop master who also authored the Kickstarter-funded "Lovecraft P.I." graphic novel. Alex met David a few months back at a local show, had the chance to exchange pleasantries, and snagged some of David's wares. Soon after it was decided David and his work would be a perfect fit for our spooky month and now here we are.

If David's brand of spooky works for you check out the website HERE and the other website HERE and do the rest of the usual routine: follow on the social mediums, say hi in person, throw money etc etc.



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NYCC was yesterday and even though we just did the one day my entire body hurts down to its core. I spent the vast majority of my Saturday watching all three Toy Story movies in a row while sipping on tea and I have to admit it was pretty great. Everything still hurts and I have aches in places that I didn't know could ache but my Pixar pals helped make things better.

With that said, we have a very fun show for you this week. If you've noticed the date recently, it is now October and obviously that means it's time to get spooky. This year we're kicking it off with a couple of the cast members of the upcoming Exit 7 Players production of Sweeney Todd: Monique and Stephanie!

After the incredible success of last year's Addams Family performances we jumped at the chance to feature some Exit 7 cast members again especially once we heard they were doing another spooky show in Sweeney Todd. For those fortunate enough to be in the area and want to check out a showing, CLICK HERE to see about some tickets. A word to the wise, though: Get them sooner rather than later. They tend to go fast and you won't want to miss out.



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