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I just spent the last 4 hours sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings watching people try to beat each other up for money and stuff. So. There's that.


It seems at least once every year I get an urge to pick up at least one Marvel book. Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm predominantly a DC/Image guy and I've tried the whole "hey maybe I'll give this Marvel book a shot!" many times in the past. Normally I get a maximum of 3 issues in before I get bored/lose interest/miss an issue etc etc. (Except in the case of Moon Knight...I read the shit out of Moon Knight.)

Well it seems history is repeating itself yet again because that old hankering came back and I decided to pick up the new Thor book. We had talked about it a while back because of the whole "Thor is a girl now" thing. Really I was pretty meh on the whole uproar anyway because I had never read a single issue of Thor in my life. I mean honestly - Who gives a shit. Boy Thor. Girl Thor. As long as hammers are flying and people are using words like "ye" and "hath" it's good enough for me.

So we're up to the 4th issue and I gotta say - It's awesome. I love it. It has quickly...very quickly might I add...turned into one of my favorite books. It's not really groundbreaking stuff but it's just a lot of fun. The new Thor is a badass. The old Thor is going through some rough times. And there's hammers just fucking everywhere. It's fantastic. Not to mention the art is exactly what I want it to be. Nothing more, nothing less. It fits the style and the theme of the book perfectly.


                    Thor #4 Cover by Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

If you're not picking this book up I highly recommend taking a look for some back issues or even waiting a few months for the trade. Marvel seems to be pumping out trades almost as fast as the individual issues are coming out anyways so you probably won't even have to wait that long.

You can always thank me later.


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