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This is another one of those "goodbye" episodes. We had our first one with Joe a few weeks ago and now we're back with a double-whammy. You probably already read the title of the episode but this week Jason Ginsburg of @FakeThemePark is back so we can bend his ear for a bit about his experience talking about monsters when he was a tour guide for Universal. (We also had some help from our special guest-host Will who, with his expansive knowledge of monsters, was like a kid in a candy shop talking with Jason.)

Talking monsters is fun. Talking with Jason is fun. And we always relish the chance to chat with Will (especially since our usual spooky episode couldn't happen last year). But there's also some serious news to go along with the monster chat. If you've been following Jason or @FakeThemePark you may have already seen the press release or the announcements on the various socials. But without spoiling too much here, Jason came on to give us the 4-1-1 on the future of @FakeThemePark.

Now that the suspense is likely tearing you to pieces, be sure to follow those various socials and check out the fancy new @FakeThemePark merch while you're at it. Who knows how much longer you'll be able to snag some....

With all of that said, Jason deserves a huge thank you from the OMV crew. Though we've only known Jason for a few years, we've always had an absolute blast talking with him. The level of devotion and originality he's shown with @FakeThemePark is unmatched and we can't wait to see what he makes next.

And as for Will? Ever since his first appearance on Episode 14 he's contributed to some of the most entertaining and hilarious moments we've ever recorded. It didn't matter if he was 20 minutes down the road or literally across the country, Will was always willing to sit down and chat with us about spooky stuff, stupid stuff, or the Hulk spilling his soup. We can't thank him enough for all the time, effort, and laughs he's given us over the years. He's another true OMV legend.



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Sometimes I'll sit here and stare at the screen for what feels like hours just trying to figure out how to word a single sentence so that it doesn't seem like a child wrote it. It usually doesn't end well.

Today, I'm trying to figure out a sophisticated way of saying "Making something for a really long time is actually really hard" but the words aren't coming to me. They're in my brain somewhere, but I can't find them...must be because my vacation is almost over.

Anyway. You might've noticed we just released an episode last week (which was great, btw. Check it out if you haven't already) and we have another episode for you this week. No, we're not going back to the old weekly schedule. But we figured since this episode and last week's were on the shorter side, we'd just say screw it and make 3 episodes this month. Why not?

This week, we have the return of Jason Ginsburg! You might recognize the name from the last time we had Jason on in 2019 or you might just know him as the creator of the amazing @FakeThemePark. We heard through the grapevine that the FakeThemePark is celebrating its 10 year anniversary next month so Jason came back on to tell us all about the festivities he has planned to mark the occasion!

If you're not already following the park, be sure to do so on both Twitter and Facebook. It's pretty much the gold standard for satire (especially if you have theme park experience) and even after 10 years Jason is showing no signs of slowing down.



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The internet is full of terrible things. Let's be real here, it can be a horrible place sometimes. But every now and then you can stumble upon something that makes the internet a better place. Something that you didn't know you needed, but now that you've found it you wondered how you went so long without it. This week we're talking about one of those things.

Alex and I have over 20 years of theme park experience between the two of us (Yes. Alex accounts for around 18 of those years but the numbers don't lie). And after 20 years in the business it's fair to say we (Alex) have seen and done most everything you could imagine. So when we stumbled upon @FakeThemePark and the hilarious yet painfully accurate satire contained within, it was love at first sight.

Created by former Universal Studios tour guide Jason Ginsburg, @FakeThemePark "is a fictional, unnamed park that combines all the best – and all the very worst – of Disneyland, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Six Flags. Its Twitter and Facebook accounts contain daily posts about the bizarre happenings in the park, from ride accidents to employee issues, parking problems to construction delays, holiday events to overcrowding, all in the cheerful tone of your average mega-park."

In other words, it's great. It's just great. And it's something that anyone can appreciate regardless of whether they've got 20 years of experience under their belt or haven't worked a single day in a theme park. You can follow the along with the daily happenings of @FakeThemePark by following them on Twitter and Facebook plus you can even purchase an e-book containing the craziest tweets and Facebook posts with all-new material, including a timeline of park history and the first-ever interview with all the Park Princesses by clicking HERE.



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