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Hey ya'll!

We're back with the 10th episode of Opinions May Vary! We made it to double digits! Happy times!!

Anyways....Justin is off this week to get some much needed R&R so we brought in our good friend Joe to discuss this week's topics with us!

Join us this week as we discuss DC Comics' recent announcement that they are going to be making one of their heroes a homosexual.  Will it affect the fanbase? Will it bring in new customers? Who is it going to be????

The question of the week was a simple yet deep one: Who is your ultimate fanboy character. Meaning what character do you go crazy for regardless of story or artist? What character will you ALWAYS stand by even during tough times?

Next is some talk about videogames. We haven't discussed videogames much and Joe thought it was a subject that needed to be touched on seeing as he and Jr have been playing them together for probably over a decade. Needless to say he was definitely right. What kind of nerds are we if we don't even talk videogames???

Closing the show is some talk about webcomics.  All of us are huge fans of webcomics and we took some time to discuss our favorite popular and more unknown comics.  Which ones are your favorite? Be sure to check them out for some quick 3 panel hilarity.

Also be sure to check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary and keep your ears to the ground for news on Joe's podcast which will hopefully be launching soon!

Until next week,

                  Jayare, Alex, & Joe.

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  • Vibe was also stricken from the list of possibles at the press conference, quoted as saying the character slated is "iconic" and "mainstream", and Vibe is none of those. :p My Fanboy crush is on a team, not a person. Doom Patrol, and it's clearly because I hate myself. I've read every incarnation of the team, I actively search for new content and express interest in whatever they do with the Doom Patrol title, even though majoratively they are sub-par. I like them because of how bizarre they are, and I appreciate it. I still plan to pick up a PS3 for the sole purpose of playing BL 2. Music to my ears to hear JVA on the OMV, seriously! I would love to hear a tattoo topic on the OMV. \m/ This started my day in the best possible way.

    posted by: BK on 2012-05-23 11:44:37

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