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We're back this week with an extra long episode packed with guests. Two guests to be specific....but that's like 200% more than normal so yeah, jam packed.

Next weekend is going to be a busy one as Alex and I are going to be attending two different conventions in two different states 1,000 miles apart...at the same time?!? Well, technically at the same time...just not together. While myself and the usual suspects head up to Boston for PAX East, Alex and his lovely lady are going to be flying out to Chicago for C2E2. Exciting, right?? Twice the opportunity to catch terrifying viruses! And also meet amazing people, play amazing games, and spend amazing amounts of cash. It's gonna be a good time.

Until then, we thought it would be fun to hype up the shows and talk with a couple people that you'd be able to meet if you happen to be in attendance. First up is the owner of Blipsounds: Ryan Stunkel! After successful outings at previous PAX shows, most recently PAX South in January, Ryan is going to be bringing his panel "Sound Design Live: Watch Us Recreate Video Game Sounds" to PAX East to give attendees the scoop on creating and replicating sounds from popular video games. Ryan is going to be bringing years of sound design experience to Boston so if you're at PAX East on Saturday you have an amazing opportunity to check out his panel.

Following our chat with Ryan, we had the absolute pleasure of talking with artist and colorist Addison Duke! A Chicago based artist, Addison's work can be seen in a multitude of comic books including Curse Words, Hack/Slash, and Barbarella/Dejah Thoris to name a few. He's going to be tabling in Artist's Alley at the upcoming C2E2 show so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get the inside info on his background, experiences, and what we can expect to see at one of the most talked about conventions in the country.

We can't thank Ryan and Addison enough for giving us time to talk with them, especially with two major shows just around the corner. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. If you're going to be at PAX or C2E2 be sure to travel safe and pack plenty of hand sanitizer. And say hi to Ryan and Addison; they're great people who make great things.



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