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I'm so excited to post this episode that finding words to write here has turned into a major inconvenience. Like, it's preventing me from doing what I want to do and it's turning me into an impatient 9 year old who has to finish his homework before he can go out and play.

But, I guess I should finish my homework first and maybe write a few things here like about how Kyle from Decimated Designs is back this week! It has been exactly 100 episodes since we last had Kyle in the studio and this week he's here to talk about another side of the spooky world that we haven't touched on in the past: Extreme Haunts. *eerie music intensifies even more* 

If you've been on Facebook or any news site over the past week you might have an idea of what we're talking about. As more and more articles sprout up, everyone seems to be sharing their opinion on why they think places like McKamey Manor are great/terrible and how it's just a matter of time until someone finally finishes/gets seriously injured.  Personally, you'd be hard pressed to get me within a 20 mile radius of an extreme haunt like the ones we talk about in this episode but if it sounds like something you're interested in, maybe do some soul searching then get on the Google machine and see if there's one nearby. 

(Note: This was actually recorded a few weeks ago; it's pure happenstance that Extreme Haunts happen to be in the news the same week we're set to release this episode so reactions to some of the latest stories might need a follow-up episode or something.)



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