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Last night we got together with some friends and played board games for like, many hours. While exchanging pleasantries over various drinks and snacks, I boasted to Colin that we, and I quote, "recorded a bomb ass episode this week" and proceed to feed him teasers of what we had in store.

Now I can stop teasing my friends because we did, in fact, record a bomb ass episode this week and now we get to release it to the world.

This week we were joined by Jason Langston aka JNL Toys. A veteran of the toy industry, Jason has worked for major toy companies (like Mattel) and and currently provides freelance work for those in need of his expertise. Due to Jason's vast knowledge of toys both new and old, it was just a matter of time until we dove down the rabbit hole of nostalgia and within minutes I was already making plans to rummage through my parent's storage to find my old Ninja Turtles.

Check out this week's episode for insights, stories, and behind the scenes info on Jason's time in the toy industry. We won't blame you if you have to pause the episode a few times so you can rummage through storage yourself. We know how important those old toys can be.




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