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Brett is arguably one of the most talented people we know. The guy can draw, dance, beatbox, and sing. He's an accomplished martial artist, he's done stunts in both film and live action shows. He can act, he can model, and at the end of the day he's one of the best friends you could ask for.

He also knows a shocking amount of information about the mysterious "Mothman". Apparently, it's more than just a movie from 2002 that you watched with your friend 15 years ago that you still don't fully understand to this day. Apparently, it's a lot more than that. And seeing as we're coming to the end of our spooky month of madness we saw it as the perfect excuse to stick a microphone in Brett's face for the ten-millionth time.

I'm almost positive he didn't mind.

Anyway, Brett is back this week. And he's teaching us about the extremely spooky legend of The Mothman.



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