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Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of speaking with Josh and Sarah of the Five Points Festival mere hours before the show was slated to begin. Needless to say it was super rad of them to even give us 5 minutes of time let alone a half hour and the end result was a whole bunch of hype as Jon and Alex prepared to head to New York City to check it out.

They've since checked it out, took a little bit of time to compress and get some thoughts together, and now it's time for the end result. This one was exciting for a variety of reasons, too. It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to cover a new show outside of our normal routine plus who better to cover it than our resident toy expert himself? The last time we were at a convention with Jon was around 3 years ago while Alex was recovering from surgery and I was helping a friend experience his first ever NYCC. So it's a bit overdue. Plus, we've never been able to cover a show quite like this one. Yes, we've been to comic cons, steampunk shows, anime conventions etc...but a designer toy and craft beer show? That's new territory. New, expensive territory. Just the way we like it.

Tune in to this week's episode as Alex and Jon recap their experiences at the 2018 Five Points Festival and get the inside scoop on the latest in designer toys, enamel pins, kaiju and more. Once again, huge thanks to the folks at Five Points for giving us some time to chat with them and cover their show; it's quite possible there will be 3 of us attending next year...



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