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This year's PAX recap was a tough one. Not only is it extremely difficult to fit an entire weekend full of the best things in the world into one episode; but we had to do it down a man. Sadly; our brother-in-PAX Colin couldn't make it to the studio as he was in a heated battle with every microphones worst enemy: The Common Cold. Despite the enormous handicap we were able to push on and with Joe's help we managed to put together a hell of a recap full of games, panels, and experiences.

2018 makes it PAX East #5 for us and this year we did things a little differently. Meaning: This year, in addition to the "core group", we also had some new members join in including two people who have never been to a PAX before. Ever. Meaning: We got to introduce rad people to a rad show and damn was it neat.

Former OMV guests Ken and Bob joined in on the fun this year along with a new friend Kevin. Each of them came to PAX because of a shared fondness for gaming but what was really fascinating was the diversity that each person brought to the table. Ken, being our resident fighting game expert, disappeared within minutes because SoulCalibur. Bob couldn't get enough of the Wyrmwood booth and when he wasn't schooling me on live-action D&D knowledge he was shooting some hella rad footage. And Kevin? Kevin is huge into board games and probably walked away from PAX having played more games than anyone. He even threw down some quick words about the weekend. Check it out:

"It was cool as hell. I was amazed at how orderly and accessible it was. The prices (for food and parking) were reasonable and people were super friendly and laid back. The sheer number of games (both board and digital) available to try was daunting but awesome. I was surprised by the number of games I tried (and bought) that had already been released, but I had never seen before. The kickstarter area was a kickass highlight of the event. Hanging out with you guys was an added bonus, but next year I want a bed!" - Kevin B.

Next year, Kevin. You will have a bed.

Until then, check out this week's 'sode as we recap all of our PAX-periences and be sure to check out this year's photo album HERE which also features some contributions from Bob because he's better at taking pictures than me plus he's just a fantastic human being and said we could post them.



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