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Flashback to November of 2012. A spry, 26 year-old Jr is getting ready to head out to only the second midnight release of a video game in his life. You see, after getting an Xbox 360 he got addicted to Halo 3. And then Halo: Reach. It was only natural that Halo 4 would also cause massive levels of excitement as well. He's managed to convince his friend who has to work at 7am to spend the night at his place so they can play until they pass out. It would be a night to remember; full of steak dinners, triple kills, and accidental betrayals. It was good.

Never would I have imagined that almost 6 years later I'd have the opportunity to talk with one of the people responsible for creating the game and yet, here we are. Because our guest this week is concept artist Kory Hubbell and he was indeed one of those people.

Working on some of the Halo games isn't his only credit, though. He's currently a Senior Concept Artist for Amazon Game Studios and he also dabbles in art direction for table top games like the about-to-be-funded "Brutality". Check out our chat with Kory as we take a trip into the world of concept design and PvP Medieval Brawler Board Games. It's the perfect opportunity to learn something new such as: how to get a job as a concept artist or how to design the perfect Spartan helmet (just be careful when you mess around with the visors, though...).



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