Opinions May Vary

Will and Jon are both guests this week and I can't think of a better way to close out the spooky season than to have two of the spookiest people I know on for a chat.

Seeing as it's currently Halloween we tried to cram as much spooky content into one episode as possible. I think we did a pretty decent job since the next hour or so of your life is about to be consumed by terrifying ghost stories, childhood Halloween memories, and more random facts about "Devil's Night" than you ever cared to learn about.

Huge shout-out to all the guests who came on over the last month and made time to talk to a couple of dummies who like scary things. We hope you're able to finally get some rest now that the season has come to an end. Plus, all the Halloween stuff goes on sale tomorrow, right? Gotta rest up for them deals.

Happy Halloween, ya'll.



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