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"No more Villains will work with you." Crushed, Mary tries to find a way to get back in the criminals good graces.

Inspired by “The Villain Wrangler” community thread on tumblr


Featuring voice actors

Kae Giroux
Brett Kelley
Bob Savage
Mike Davis
Kaine Winneg
Jon York
Jennifer Rawlings
Danielle Squiers
Remani Lizana
Colin Vignault
KT Baldassaro
Nichele Herrick
Sarah Gherri 
Joe Van Allen
Kristen Chesler
Sam Harris Fried
Kamilla Cheskiewicz
Edward Gogolski
Jesper Barber
Jeremy Ruiter
Ian Patriarca
Fahad Rahmat
Milta vargas


music by

Kevin Mason
Christina Pepper 
Jett Andrade 
Mike Forgette
Geoff Harvey from Pixabay
Hector Perez from Pixabay

Fiverr artists

Eyegore @yevgeny666
Harshit K  @hkhoja1 
Ppp Studio  @bimbim22 


and sound effects from

BBC Sound Effects


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For this episode I would like to thank my parents, Ron and Thea.
My mom encouraged and helped me be artistic and perform and told my dad to buy me more comicbooks because they helped me read.
My dad taught me to build and create and take pride in what I’ve made and the work put into it.
But also they both let me be weird which I believe has gotten me further in life than if I was normal.   Thank you mom and dad.


Thanks for listening!



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