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In Ep 1 the Freeze gun toting Malvarmo helps Mary recruit Athlektra to visit some kids but the superhuman athlete has some demands of her own!

Inspired by “The Villain Wrangler” community thread on tumblr


Thanks to the kickstarter backers for allowing me to make this and helping me pay actors musicians and artists.  1 down and 5 more to go.
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Featuring voice actors

Kae Giroux 
Brett Kelley
Remani Lizani
Bob Savage
Sarah Gherri
Mike Davis
Joe Van Allen
Steph MacGillivary
Colin Vigneault
Kristen Chesler
Will Munro
Ed Gogolski
Kamilla Cheskiewicz
Jennifer Rawlings
Jesper barber
Jeremy Ruiter
Ian Patriarca
Jamie Noguchi


music by

Kevin Mason


Jett Andrade

Marcelo F. @resetcubestudio

Incompetech.com & Kevin MacLeod


and sound effects and some themes from


BBC Sound Effects


Take a Chance Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



You can contact me here alex(at)omvpodcast.com


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