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So this one was pretty neat.

We've been big fans of Rob Guillory for some time now beginning with his work on the critically acclaimed Image book CHEW and continuing to his latest project Farmhand (also from Image). You probably don't need us to tell you how good Rob is seeing as there's a couple of Eisners, a Harvey Award, and the 2013 "Jayare's End of the Year Award" for best artist to do the talking for us. (That last one is especially important.) He's arguably the most decorated guest we've had on the show and despite all that, he was just as willing to talk about paper stock and wrestling as he was his award winning comics.

So yeah, this one was pretty neat.

Farmhand is back with issue 16 this coming Spring leaving plenty of time for catching up or re-reads. Be sure to check out Rob's website for art and merch and follow him on Instagram for updates on comics, conventions, and just rad art in general.



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