Opinions May Vary

We have an extra long episode for you this week as we get down to business and back to basics with some good, old fashioned disagreements.

Despite the namesake we've chosen to use for the last 8 years, it turns out Alex and I don't disagree on too many things worth talking about (aside from The Last of Us but honestly we'd probably need an entire separate podcast just to chew through everything there). Fortunately, we have friends. And some of those friends have opinions on things that might....vary from our own. See where I'm going with this?

Our very good and spooky friend Kyle of Decimated Designs kicks off the episode with us because it turns out that Kyle isn't a fan of professional wrestling. We've talked a decent amount of wrestling in the past and I'm somewhat of a born-again fan so we figured this might be a good starting point.

After duking it out with Kyle for much longer than expected, we were joined by KT and Babs to talk about the smash hit Canadian sitcom Letterkenny and the potentially problematic portrayals of some of their characters. If you want to skip around or Wrestling isn't quite your thing, you can skip to the Letterkenny portion at around 1:13:24.

Huge thanks as usual to all three of our guests this week. Technical difficulties aside I think they all contributed to a great episode full of thought-provoking yet respectful debate. (Which, if you asked me, isn't always easy. See: The entire internet.) Where do you fall on these issues? Let us know in the comments!



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