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The vendor hall of ConnectiCon is easily one of the most unique halls in all the conventions we attend. Being a show that doesn't quite fit into any single genre, it attracts vendors that don't quite fit into any single genre. Example: Rich Longmore and his art over at BogelBear Illustration.

Rich is a freelance artist who, as he so beautifully put it, has been drawing monsters since he could hold a pencil. With roots deep-seated in the D&D and cryptozoology scenes, Rich creates amazing pieces of work that somehow manage to be beautiful, mildly terrifying, and strangely informative all at the same time.

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Rich in person and get the inside-info on how BogelBear came to be, Rich's experiences in freelance work, and how valuable it can be to have daughters with expansive knowledge of Pokemon.



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