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The spookiest month of the year is upon us and even though we're only doing half the amount of episodes we've done in the past, that doesn't mean we're going to be any less spooky. In fact, one could argue we're going to be spookier than ever as this week, with the help of our good friend Will, we're diving into a whole new world of spookiness: unidentified flying objects. *eerie music intensifies*

With the amount of time we've been doing this and the number of spooky episodes under our belts, it's hard to believe we haven't touched on UFOs yet but here we are. I like to think everyone has their own UFO story; whether it's something you saw in your backyard gazing at the stars or a an insane glitch in Grand Theft Auto, you can't deny that in some way, shape, or form - UFOs are everywhere.

Now let's talk about them.

So bust out your pumpkins, steal some candy meant for future trick or treaters, and prep yourself for the alien invasion because it's time to get spooky with some UFOs.



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