Opinions May Vary

First off, let us apologize for the late episode. There are a number of excuses we could throw at you such as:

  • We were at PAX?
  • PAX is in Boston. And Boston is far away from our studio?
  • um
  • I'm out of excuses.

So yeah. We're a little late with last week's jam but we're going to make it up to you with another episode later on this week. And then another one next week, and maybe even one more the week after that. Who knows, we might be able to keep that going for 7 years or something.

Anyway. We had some fun recording this episode for you and we hope you have fun listening to it. It's full of stories, tidbits, and histories all related to what some might call "Oh my god I f***ing hate this stupid day I need to just stay off the internet until tomorrow".



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