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The internet is full of terrible things. Let's be real here, it can be a horrible place sometimes. But every now and then you can stumble upon something that makes the internet a better place. Something that you didn't know you needed, but now that you've found it you wondered how you went so long without it. This week we're talking about one of those things.

Alex and I have over 20 years of theme park experience between the two of us (Yes. Alex accounts for around 18 of those years but the numbers don't lie). And after 20 years in the business it's fair to say we (Alex) have seen and done most everything you could imagine. So when we stumbled upon @FakeThemePark and the hilarious yet painfully accurate satire contained within, it was love at first sight.

Created by former Universal Studios tour guide Jason Ginsburg, @FakeThemePark "is a fictional, unnamed park that combines all the best – and all the very worst – of Disneyland, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Six Flags. Its Twitter and Facebook accounts contain daily posts about the bizarre happenings in the park, from ride accidents to employee issues, parking problems to construction delays, holiday events to overcrowding, all in the cheerful tone of your average mega-park."

In other words, it's great. It's just great. And it's something that anyone can appreciate regardless of whether they've got 20 years of experience under their belt or haven't worked a single day in a theme park. You can follow the along with the daily happenings of @FakeThemePark by following them on Twitter and Facebook plus you can even purchase an e-book containing the craziest tweets and Facebook posts with all-new material, including a timeline of park history and the first-ever interview with all the Park Princesses by clicking HERE.



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