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If you follow us on any of the various social mediums you probably noticed we were spamming you pretty hard with links a few days ago. We apologize for the spam. Just know that it was justified in the fact that we got to try something new with a good friend of ours. If you happened to click on any of those links you'll know what I'm talking about but for those still in the dark here's a rundown:

Three years ago we first talked with artist Tony Moy after tabling a few spots down from him at Boston Comic Con. He came on the show, fun was had, much rejoicing. Seeing as it had been some time since we last talked we thought it would be neat to catch up. Tony agreed and also had the idea of streaming the interview live on his fancy Twitch channel so we figured what the hell. What's the worst that could happen? We say something stupid? Embarrass ourselves live in front of a bunch of people? No way. We've been doing this for too long to make rookie mistakes like that!

Famous last words, amirite?

Nah we kid. We had a blast and we can't thank Tony and his fans enough for the opportunity to entertain in a live environment. Be sure to check out his Twitch channel HERE and maybe toss a follow/sub his way. Until then, check out our talk with Tony as we catch up and find out what he's been up to these last 3 years.



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