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I apologize for the delay in getting this week's episode up. You see, I was busy protecting Metro City from the Skull Cross Gang. Luckily, despite being an elected official and mayor of the city I was blessed with bulging muscles and an incredible mustache. There wasn't a single member of the Skull Cross Gang that was safe from my piledriver. And after all was said and done my beautiful city was saved once more....with the help of this guy named Dean who had electric fists. That was cool, too.

Ok, yeah. I was playing Final Fight 3 all night with a friend of mine. But that doesn't make the previous paragraph any less true. Metro City can rest easy knowing Mike Haggar and Dean....Electric Fists(?) saved the day.

Anyways. Back in real life we do have an episode for you and it's a continuation of something we recorded a couple months ago. Back in June we talked about some comic shops that Alex had recently visited but we also discussed his fancy new CGC membership and his upcoming plans for some of his books. (Check it out HERE to get caught up.) About 6 weeks later those plans have come to fruition and CGC decided to send his books back sealed in some heavy duty plastic with valuable numbers attached. And we're going to unbox them. On an audio podcast. Where you can't see them.

That's what we do here at OMV. We specialize in breaking the mold and we wouldn't be surprised if audio unboxings catch on in the future. (Assuming they haven't already. In true OMV fashion I've done exactly zero research on the matter.) Either way. Check out this week's jam for the shocking results of the CGC unboxing extravaganza!



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