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This coming weekend is the Five Points Festival down at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York City. Last year we missed out on Five Points and didn't realize what we could have had until it was too late. Now that time has passed and we're a bit older and somewhat wiser the Festival is here again and we're not looking to make the same mistake twice.

At least Alex isn't. Because in just a matter of days he and our great pal Jon are going to be traveling to the city to take part in the 2nd Five Points Festival so they can see the sights, gawk at some art, and probably spend too much money. In other words they're looking to experience a great convention.

In anticipation of the show we were fortunate enough to have a quick chat with two of the people who make it all possible: Sarah Booz and Josh Kimberg. Despite the fact that they have a show literally hours from now, they managed to make some time for a few dummies looking to ask them some questions.

Check out the site HERE and if your interested is piqued there's still time to get your behind to NYC. Tune in next week (or maybe the week after?) ...soon. Tune in soon for our recap and follow our Instagram so you don't miss out on any snaps from the show.



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