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For the second year in a row I managed to actually watch Wrestlemania instead of catch 5 second gifs while my friends live-tweet the event. I still don't really consider myself an avid fan of professional wrestling but I have to admit the big pay-per-views can be hella entertaining sometimes. Even though I am a sucker for the nostalgic and I (unfairly) compare everything new to everything I loved as a child I still find myself getting invested in a match every now and then to the point where a genuine emotional response is then provoked out of my face-hole.

Brings me back to the old days of Brett Hart/Bob Backlund cross-face chicken-wing insanity that caused me to scream at my friend's television for what felt like an eternity.

I definitely thought that was real, btw.

But it wouldn't be a Wrestlemania recap without Matthew James, though. So Matthew James is what we got. Tune in this week for recaps, reactions, and TONS OF SPOILERS from The Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment.



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