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Just in case you didn't hear enough of us this week we're back with another episode diving right into the heart of the spooky. When we heard OMV Legend Jon was going to be heading back from his trip out to the west coast we decided it would be just plain irresponsible to not have him on. Yes folks, you read that right: The Duke of Spoop himself has made his return to the Nutmeg state to tell us tales of ghosts, hauntings, and the supernatural.

Now let's all just take a second and drink in how fantastic "The Duke of Spoop" is because if you asked me I think it belongs on a t-shirt. A t-shirt that only Jon is allowed to wear and only when he's recording podcast episodes with us. Then we'll auction it off in like 30 years for an obscene amount of money only to find out that we actually auctioned it to Jon and he was playing us the whole time. It's always the person you'd least expect....That Jon. Always the swindler, he was.


Brb. I need to make a t-shirt now.



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