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Hey everyone!

Brett Kelley is back for episode 16 to join us for some intense nerd discussion on the upcoming MC Chris/Powerglove show, the original art depicting the recent gay marriage from Marvel selling on eBay, and the big question regarding nerd themed tattoos.

We also have some very exciting news regarding the 1,000th download giveaway! If you want to be the proud owner of your own original Brett Kelley sketch, be sure to listen carefully once we wrap up our discussion about tattoos! You only have until next Sunday July 8th, 2012 so be sure to download and listen to this episode asap so you can learn how to enter the contest!

Good Luck!

                Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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Hello again!

The one and only Joe joined us again this week to discuss the latest news from E3, our favorite gaming moments, and the weekly question: When have you ever been embarassed by your nerd-dom/geek-dom?

If you're into videogames you won't want to miss this episode! The news from E3 was....a bit lackluster but we're still excited to say the least! With games like Halo 4 and Borderlands 2 coming soon how could we not be??

As always, be sure to check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary and keep an eye out for a giveaway in celebration of our 1,000th download! As a prize we're going to be giving a lucky listener a piece of Brett Kelley original art!....We just need to figure out how to give it away first...No worries though....We'll figure it out...soon....ish....

Until next time,

               Jayare, Alex, & Joe

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Hey everyone!

We have exciting news! Our good friend Will Munro was able to join us this week for some discussion on acting, the recent events in the newest Green Lantern story arc, this week's Big Question and even had a question of his own for us! We've been dying to have Will on for weeks now and we're thrilled he was finally able to join us for some nerd chat!

Remember: If you like what you hear be sure to visit us on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary and give us some likes! Also check us out in iTunes and give us the 5 stars and let us know how we're doing!

Thanks again to Will for taking time out of his schedule to join us this week. We can't wait to have him on again!

Until next week,

                  Jayare, Alex, & Will

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Hey folks!

Join us this week for lucky number 13 as we discuss the latest news on the World War Z movie, Before Watchmen and answer the weekly question! Remember, if you have your own answer for the weekly question be sure to hit us up on Facebook and let us know! Check us out at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary!

Also, we'd like to give a huge thank you to Brett Kelley for once again taking the time to join us via Skype.  Be sure to check out all of his incredible work on BK Endeavours!

Until next time,

              Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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Hey everyone!

Thanks to some incredible advancements in technology Mr. Brett Kelley was able to join us for this episode all the way from the cape via Skype! Justin is away helping out a friend in Maine and luckily Brett was more than willing to help us out!

This week we discussed the recent news on the Javits Center in New York City, the "zombie" attacks happening throughout the country, and what it would be like to own a movie prop from some of our favorite movies.

Also we went into uncharted territory this week and talked about some of our favorite musical artists who are coming to town. By the way, if you've never heard MC Chris, Powerglove, or Steam Powered Giraffe then you need to get onto iTunes immediately and check them out!

Once again we'd like to send a huge thank you to Brett for helping us ou this week. Our butt's were saved yet again! Be sure to check out BK Endeavours on deviantart and blogspot!

Until next time, check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary or in iTunes and be sure to rate and subscribe! See you all next week!

              Jayare, Alex, & Brett

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Hello again!

This week we have the ever reliable Joe back with us while Justin takes some time off. Joe was kind enough to stop by last minute after we had some scheduling conflicts with Mr. Brett Kelley but no worries, Brett will be on asap!

After briefly touching on the leaked identity of the DC character announcing their homosexuality, we took the rest of the episode to discuss our various guilty pleasures when it comes to comics, movies/tv, and videogames.  It is pretty safe to say our responses were interesting to say the least.

If you have your own responses be sure to let us know what they are on our Facebook page! Go to facebook.com/opinionsmayvary and give us your guilty comic/movie/tv/videogame pleasures!

Once again we'd like to give a huge thank you to Joe for dropping by on such short notice. You saved our butts yet again!

Until next time!

          Jayare, Alex, & Joe.

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Hey ya'll!

We're back with the 10th episode of Opinions May Vary! We made it to double digits! Happy times!!

Anyways....Justin is off this week to get some much needed R&R so we brought in our good friend Joe to discuss this week's topics with us!

Join us this week as we discuss DC Comics' recent announcement that they are going to be making one of their heroes a homosexual.  Will it affect the fanbase? Will it bring in new customers? Who is it going to be????

The question of the week was a simple yet deep one: Who is your ultimate fanboy character. Meaning what character do you go crazy for regardless of story or artist? What character will you ALWAYS stand by even during tough times?

Next is some talk about videogames. We haven't discussed videogames much and Joe thought it was a subject that needed to be touched on seeing as he and Jr have been playing them together for probably over a decade. Needless to say he was definitely right. What kind of nerds are we if we don't even talk videogames???

Closing the show is some talk about webcomics.  All of us are huge fans of webcomics and we took some time to discuss our favorite popular and more unknown comics.  Which ones are your favorite? Be sure to check them out for some quick 3 panel hilarity.

Also be sure to check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary and keep your ears to the ground for news on Joe's podcast which will hopefully be launching soon!

Until next week,

                  Jayare, Alex, & Joe.

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Hey Folks!

We're finally back after a slight delay due to a pesky case of the stomach bug rampaging through the studio. No worries though, we pulled it together and got your weekly fix of OMV ready for listening pleasure!

This week we kick it off with some Avengers box office updates. Will they be able to topple Avatar?? We certainly hope so...

Also, we took some time this week to touch on the latest television renewals. Should The Office be put down? Is 30 Rock getting stale? Can anyone touch Community?? Comic Book Men??? Seriously??

We follow the television talk with the weekly question: What comic/tv show did you enjoy most that was cut off early and what comic/tv show do you think should have quit while it was ahead? Be sure to tell us what you think on our facebook page! www.facebook.com/opinionsmayvary.

Lastly we end with Alex telling us about his recent trip to the land of Steampunk and his upcoming return to Boston for the Zombie March! Silly Alex. Always "involving" himself with "fun activities".

Anyways...we're glad we were finally able to get the episode done and we hope it pleases your ears to the fullest extent.

See you sunday!

         Jayare, Justin, & Alex

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Hey everyone,

Right off the bat I'm going to start with this: SPOILER ALERT!!!

The Avengers came out this weekend and we saw it...so, of course we are going to talk about it.  If you haven't seen The Avengers yet I recommend skipping ahead to about 30 minutes into the episode to try to avoid any major spoilers.  You have been warned!!

Aside from that, enjoy some Free Comic Book Day chat, the question of the week discussing who we'd love to see engage in battle on the big screen and Alex took some time to talk about his recent outing during the Run For Your Lives 5k in Boston, Mass.

Oh, and be sure to listen for a special unexpected guest caller who had just got out of The Avengers and had some questions for Justin. I'll give you a hint: He's kind of a legend in Western Mass.

We hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to check us out on facebook at facebook.com/opinionsmayvary. Oh, and if you still haven't seen The Avengers, do yourself a favor and see it. You can thank us later!


       Jayare, Justin, & Alex.


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We're back this week with a huge surprise!

Just hours before we were set to record this week's episode, the one and only Brett Kelley showed up and we didn't hesitate to ask him to make a 2nd appearance on our show!

This week we took a break from comics to discuss the summer movie madness that is about to ensue.  Join us as we weigh in on some of the ones we're most excited for and some that probably shouldn't have been made in the first place...

Once again we'd like to give a huge thank you to Brett for joining us especially when he has to drive 3+ hours home tonight. Be sure to check out BK Endeavors on Blogspot and Deviant Art. His work is absolutely incredible.

See you next week!

                      Jayare, Justin, Alex, & Brett

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