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Alex just posted a picture of The Last of Us title screen with the caption "I'm just not sure I see what the big deal is...."

Can you believe that guy? Honestly I don't know why I put up with this shit. I told him I will fight him. It was meant as a joke, the fighting, but the more I think about it...

I finished The Last of Us the other day. I realize I'm pretty far behind on this hype train seeing as everyone else was talking about it last June but videogames are a tough sell for me. I have no problems with throwing money at comic books or expensive hardcovers but for some reason when it comes to committing to a $60+ game I always struggle with the decision. I can't hide behind my normal "I don't know if it's good enough" excuse because Joe said it was his game of the year on more than one occasion. I take Joe's opinions of video games very seriously as he isn't one to exaggerate about shit like that. When Joe says The Last of Us was better than Bioshock: Infinite I know he is fucking serious and not saying it for shock value. I'd like to think I have friends that take my opinion seriously like that. But they'd be absolute morons if they did seeing as I'm the king of overreactions.


As stated before; Alex has just started the game and will hopefully finish within the next few weeks. Expect Joe to come on soon after that to record a full-on LoU fanboy videogasm.

Thats a gross word. Videogasm.


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